Legal notice

■ Distributor
NPO Michinoku Trail Club

■ Representative Director
Toyoshi Sasaki

■ Headquarters site
Within Natori Citizens Activities Support Center, 5-6-1 Otemachi, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

■ Inquiries to:
Email address:
Telephone: 022-398-6181
Fax: 022-398-618

■ Fees besides cost of product
Customers also pay for shipping fees and fees necessary for making a payment, such as bank transfer fees.

■ Shipping methods
We ship products using Japan Post (Smart Letter, Letter Pack Light, Yu-Pack) and Sagawa Express.

Customers cannot decide the shipping method: shipping cost and method are calculated automatically upon order depending on the kind of product and delivery area. We also cannot take requests for date and time of delivery.

■ Shipping cost

Shipping is free for any single order totaling over 15,000 yen. The shipping fees are as follows for orders of less than 15,000 yen including tax:

Japan Post Office

Shipping cost Size Tracking service Receiving method
Smart Letter 180 yen A5 size
Within 1 kg
2 cm thick or less
× Delivery to post box
Letter Pack Light 370 yen A4 size
Within 4 kg
3 cm thick or less
Delivery to post box

※ There are no guarantees for deliveries via Smart Letter and Letter Pack Light. If the product is lost, damaged, or late during delivery, neither the delivery company nor our store can accept responsibility. If an order of multiple products doesn’t fit in Smart Letter and/or Letter Pack Light envelopes, the products will be sent via Sagawa Express (or Yu-pack for deliveries to Okinawa)

Shipping fees are as follows.

Sagawa Express

Size Hokkaido Northern Tohoku Southern Tohoku Kanto Shinetsu Tokai
60 1,100 yen 770 yen 770 yen 770 yen 770 yen 880 yen
80 1,375 yen 1,045 yen 1,045 yen 1,045 yen 1,045 yen 1,155 yen
Size Hokuriku Kansai Chugoku Shikoku North Kyushu South Kyushu
60 880 yen 990 yen 1,210 yen 1,320 yen 1,430 yen 1,430 yen
80 1,155 yen 1,265 yen 1,485 yen 1,595 yen 1,705 yen 1,730 yen

Yu-pack (for deliveries to Okinawa)

Size Okinawa
60 1,550 yen
80 1,760 yen

■ Payment method
Credit card

■ Payment timing
Credit card payment:payment takes place at the time of order.

■ Product delivery timing
Credit card payment: products will be shipped within one week of payment.

■ About returns and replacing defective products
Please contact us within one week of receiving a defective product and we will replace it with a comparable item.

■ Shipment for returns
Our company will cover shipment for defective products. The customer covers the cost of shipment if the product is being returned for a personal reason, like the product not being what you had imagined.
We will check returned products for damage including stains or odors from tobacco, cosmetic products, etc. If we find the product is damaged we may refuse returns.